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Would you believe that I’m 29 next month (38 Days to be precise) and I’ve only started taking SPF seriously since last year. Tried the @altruistsun SPF50 out today and was surprised at how lovely it was, deffo going to be reaching for this daily. 2 100ml bottles for £8 on @amazonuk too, that’s insane. Shout out to the person who recommended this to me.

17 februari 2021

Sali Hughes on beauty

Play it safe with the best new British sunscreens

I want to talk sunscreens. Always, really – but now more than ever. I’ve heard that because we’ve seen sun exposure drastically curtailed during this unique spring, people are dispensing with sun protection when they do go out. And I understand, to a degree. People have been forced to scrap their weddings and honeymoons, cancel trips away. Read more…

My favourite SPF the moment is this one from the @altruistsun I got it as a gift from my sister @cristinas_skincare_page (apparently the love for skincare runs in the family ) It doesn’t leave a white cast. It’s not oily – I find most SPF to make my skin oily, but this one works really well with my combo skin type. It’s affordable – we all love when you find an affordable product that also exceeds your expectations. Nothing bad to say about this honestly, I just like it that much!

26 februari 2021

If you are looking for a moisturizing cream with high sun protection, you will love Altruist Sunscreen SPF 50 (4.50 euros) because it is easily absorbed, does not stick and does not leave residue, does not carry fragrances, is suitable for vegans, cruelty free and does not contain octinoxate or oxybenzone. With a five-star formulation because it is a firm created by a dermatologist specializing in skin cancer and Dutch economist expert in cosmetics at low cost prices and is one of the most sold in pharmacies in the United Kingdom and on Amazon.

TELVA, Spain’s most iconic magazine, for recommending Altruist SPF50 Cream

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