I just wanted to get in touch to say I have been using your products since I was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer in September 2020 at the age of 29. I am using the face green anti-pigment 50spf and wear it everyday- absolutely love it! Makes me feel confident going out again- great coverage too so I don’t feel I need makeup. As the weather improves, my anxiety starts to rise as I start to wear less wooly jumpers and start to eye up the flip flops! So the exposed skin I haven’t worried about in the everyday of the past is now one of my main worries, and that it is going to be problematic. However, I have just found your invisible spray 50spf which I used today on exposed chest, back and forearms and it was so quick and easy to use that I am no longer fearing the summer and how the rest of my life in the sun may look (pleased to say, no longer in a morphsuit)! So thank you so much for all the research and care that has gone into creating Altruist- I really feel thankful to you for making me feel more positive about my future.

I just wanted to send a message to say thank you so very much. My daughter has Lupus and severe UV reactions, she had tried many many suncreams but Altruist has been a game changer for her! She is 21 has been unable to go out with her friends if the sun is out (even if she kept to the shade). Since using Altruist she is able to live more of a normal life, and her confidence to go outside has improved so much. To the team who developed this range, you are wonderful people. Thank you!

Your sunscreen has literally given me my life back. I suffer from polymorphic light eruption. Until I found your sunscreen nothing stopped it. I can now go out in the summer like everyone else. Thanks so much.