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Nuestra misión es reducir la incidencia de cáncer de piel mediante un mayor uso de protectores solares de calidad, junto con una mayor educación y concienciación.


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How important is it to wear sunscreen?

Sunscreen is one of the things that you can’t forget during the summer days. It’s effective and protective against the sun and you can’t go out without it. Even though you think the sun is not shining during a warm sunny day, the sun is still there.

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5 things you didn’t know about sunscreen.

It is summer and everyone goes looking for that sunscreen lotion, don’t we? Because the sun is shining again? But we actually do this all wrong. The sun shines much more often than just in the summer months. And why do we need to use sunscreen?

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Couperose: What does it actually mean?

Couperose is a innocent skin condition caused by the weakening of the blood vessels. Most of them are visible on your cheeks and nose. But what can you do about it? And what does it actually mean?

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