How important is it to wear sunscreen?

Sunscreen is one of the things that you can’t forget during the summer days. It’s effective and protective against the sun and you can’t go out without it. Even though you think the sun is not shining during a warm sunny day, the sun is still there.

The power of sunscreen

The power of the sun is often underestimated, while the sun is super powerful. If we are in the sun for too long our skin starts to burn. Unfortunately, many people underestimate it and this can cause unpleasant consequences with in the worst case developing skin cancer in adulthood. Your skin will also age more quickly in the form of wrinkles and pigment. The older you get, the less resilient your skin becomes.

Anointing once a day is not enough. Even though you think your sunscreen is still working properly, this is not the case. In the perfect situation you rub in every two hours for maximum protection.

Spray, lotion or cream?

What is the best choice? It doesn’t really matter much. It is more what your personal preference is. Lotions and gel contain more water, so that makes them easier to spread. Creams contain more fats that can prevent the skin from drying out. Besides cream lasts longer than lotion if, for example, you enter the water.

6 thoughts on “How important is it to wear sunscreen?

      • Lauren says:

        Hi! Apologies for the random comment I’m writing under but as this person was asking for little bottles…..

        I’m obsessed with all of your sunscreens and I’m wondering if you would ever consider making a 1litre pump bottle version in SPF 50 similar to the one you have for SPF 30?

        It would be even more fantastic if one pump was roughly equivalent to the amount needed to apply to a body part e.g one pump for face, 2 for legs etc. I’m not sure if this is the case as I’m currently using the tubes.

  1. Peter says:

    What is the best-before or use-by dates on your sunscreen ?They are not shown on the tubes.
    How many years will an unopened tube last and one that has been opened the previous year ? I have two unopened and one opened tube.

    • Altruist says:

      We produce Altruist in such small batch numbers, that we advise you to consider the day of purchase as the day that begins the three year shelf-life period – as long as it’s unopened.
      The moment you open the product, you need to discard it 12 months from that day.

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