ALTRUIST Sunscreen formulation news from Founder Dr Andrew Birnie

You may have noticed a slight change in change in the feel of our 2023 SPF50 and Face Fluid SPF50 products.

This is as a result of a little bit of air being left in at the 2023 production and manufacturing stage and a very slight reformulation of our 2023 SPF50 Cream and Face Fluid SPF50. We had to reformulate due to a global shortage in ingredients, one of the sun filters we use is now completely unavailable.

Overall we are delighted with the new formulas. They have a fabulous SPF performance and UVA protection, the graphs look fantastic, really good 5 Star, ultra high protection across the UV spectrum.

The extra air at the production stage however has changed the texture a little, but not the actual protection quality and the performance of the product. It is exactly the same as it was before.

The SPF50, the five-star UVA protection is almost exactly the same with a very slight change from PPD54 to 52, which is still very high. The formulation team worked really hard to achieve that.

The formulation team is working hard constantly to try and get the same feel and quality as before, and they’re constantly working on new solutions.

Thank you so much for your continued support.