Essay Prize: A great opportunity for budding dermatologists

Becoming a dermatologist in the UK has become increasingly difficult and the extracurricular requirements are often overwhelming to students. Mentorship is invaluable in a dermatologist’s career. Dimitrios Karponis, an ST1 Academic Clinical Fellow in dermatology, together with Altruist, would like to motivate budding dermatologists to achieve their dream. The winner will receive a 1-to-1 mentorship from Dimitrios himself, £100 and the whole range of Altruist products (except the Altruist SPF30 1 liter)!

About the prize

We ask medical students and junior doctors to write essays about increasing awareness on the risks of cumulative sun exposure and different ways to prevent or mitigate these. The focus is on better informing the public and in particular, younger generations of this risk and how to encourage sun protection behaviors. We spend our entire lives under the sun, and by the time we learn how harmful unprotected exposure can be -be it in our 30s, mid or even early 20s- it is often too late as most of the damage has already occurred.

How does this work?

The essays can be submitted to the email below. The prize will run on a yearly basis, with a different question every year. The essays will be marked by a multidisciplinary team of dermatologists, scientists or medical anthropologists in different stages of training.

Submissions are now closed for 2023. The winner of 2023 is Lydia ScrivensCongratulations! In order to view their essay, please check below

Previous winners

Topic: Should there be a price cap on suncreams?


Referencing: Please use the Vancouver referencing style for any citations.

Figures: Maximum of 2 allowed.

Maximum word count: 1000 (excluding any figure legends, title and citations)

Feedback: Feedback will not be provided for the entries.

Please submit your entries as a word document to, with the title “essay prize” and including your name and stage of training. Please ensure not to include any personal identifiable information in the essay document. Altruist would like to use the essays as blog posts, therefore unless stated otherwise, you consent to  your essay being published as a blog on the Altruist website (with credits to you off course).

Marking criteria


  • Relevance to the question asked
  • Insight
  • Creativity
  • Impact (encourages reader to consider/explore the viewpoint discussed).
  • Accessibility (accessible to a lay audience)
  • Quality of writing (correct use of language)
  • Structure (arguments flow well)