Are you interested in becoming a distributor of Altruist sunscreen?

That’s possible!

What we expect from our distributors: 

Altruist Dermatologist Sunscreen was started by Dr Andrew Birnie and David Westerbeek with the vision to decrease the incidence of UV induced skin cancer, through the increased use of quality sunscreen, together with better education and awareness.  

Altruist Sunscreen is sold for the lowest price possible, which makes it affordable for families and people with a lower income. This makes it necessary for us to operate with limited margins. Moreover, Altruist donates, per product sold, to charities supporting albino children in Africa.

As a distributor of Altruist, we request that you respect our vision by providing affordable Altruist sunscreen at a low cost. Education about safe-sun behaviour is an important part of our work, which we support throughout our PR, social media and online communications.

Still interested? Send an e-mail to su*******@al*********.com for more information.

Important information:

  • Prepayment of stock
  • We can not take any returns or additional conditions
  • Please ensure you pre order. During summer months, Amazon orders have priority
  • Per product, we will donate 10p to charity

Are you representing a charity, medical institution or school and looking for Altruist’s support? 
We can support your project/ foundation by offering our sunscreen at reduced rates.

Send an email to su*******@al*********.com for more information.