ALTRUIST, that made us proud. 

5 Star Ultra UVA protection

ALTRUIST. High quality sunscreen at the lowest possible price

– Developed by Dr. Andrew Birnie  

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Dr Andrew Birnie – British dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon

ALTRUIST was initiated by Dr Andrew Birnie, a Consultant Dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon based in Canterbury. In partnership with some of the best formulation scientists in Europe ALTRUIST provides premium, affordable sunscreen through reducing profit margins and unnecessary marketing costs.

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ALTRUIST Sunscreen SPF50 100ml 

  • High quality broad spectrum protection
  • 5 star UVA rating (PPD 54)
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10% UREA


A carefully balanced, protective cream that helps strengthen the skin, restore the body’s natural barrier function and prevent moisture loss.

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Altruist Face Fluid SPF50

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Altruist Sunscreen SPF30

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Altruist Anti-Redness & Pigmentation SPF50

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Altruist Sunscreen SPF50

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Anti-Redness and Pigmentation 50ml

Tinted moisturiser & day cream – Developed especially for hypersensitive and redness-prone skin, providing instant, gentle and long term improvement. Conceals and reduces redness.

5 Star UVA protection (PPD 54)

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SPF 50

ALTRUIST Face Fluid 50ml

Vitamin E enriched, Anti-oxidant sunscreen.
Light formulation, specifically developed for the face.
5 star UVA protection (PPD 54)
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chemical and mineral sunscreens

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